We aim to provide the highest quality all-round education, for each and every learner, in partnership with parents and the community.  We would aim to share high expectations and high aspirations. We believe that to be an effective learning community:
  • all teaching will be inspirational and innovative, based on a localised curriculum which is differentiated for all, including AEN and the most vulnerable learners;
  • the curriculum would be rooted in 3rd millennium technologies;
  • the schools within the MAT will work in partnership with other organisations (e.g. health, social care, businesses, Early Years settings) in order to enhance the 0 – 19 learning experience;
  • each child is significant, noticed, valued, respected and cherished;
  • every child makes exceptional progress from their starting point as a result of outstanding and inspirational teaching;
  • every child has a right to learn in a safe, engaging, nurturing and happy environment;
  • the curriculum is rich and relevant to all learners;
  • every child is an independent, resilient, confident and collaborative learner;
  • learning experiences develop spiritual, cultural, moral and social development;
  • each child is kind to and tolerant of one another and respects and embraces differences;
  • each child is motivated to learn, is inquisitive about the world they live in and curious about their own learning;
  • everyone in the school community is a learner who recognises their roles and responsibilities as members of a global society;
  • every individual is part of a truly inclusive community that respects the surrounding environment and is committed to making it a better place for future generations.